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After work last night I came home like normal, said hello to my husband, checked on my two kids sleeping, and then followed by getting on my computer to do homework, but first checked facebook. How many times a day does the average facebook account holder get on and check status updates, or update their own status? I do not have the internet on my phone to do it anywhere, yet I still check it 5 times a day.

After completing my homework I laid down to go to bed and without being able to fall asleep I  turned on the television and found myself watching “THE FACEBOOK OBSESSION“, the true story behind the creator of this most popular social media  website in 2010, it out did Google!! When facebook started, the three kids who started this in their dorm room expected maybe 500 or 600 users, and today over half billion people are users of this social media website! They gave examples of how it had drastically changed peoples lives for the good and for the absolute worst!

One young lady found her biological mother over facebook. One woman lost her job because of facebook. Even people from the White House use facebook on a daily basis! It is outrageous what facebook can do to someones life. It is scary to me what it may bring in the future.

They also talked about the privacy of facebook. the privacy has changed so much since the beginning of it. It made me think twice about putting my information out there for the whole world to see. There is no telling who has looked at my profile, my pictures, or my status. I recommend to everyone to take a look at this show, and see what they think about it. Above is a link for the sight so you can check out.


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  1. It is amazing how much Facebook has influenced people and how it has the ability to connect a world with just a click of a mouse. Obama searches for social media outlets like Facebook and YouTube to reach the younger generation. He answers questions from Twitter through YouTube videos and through Facebook. Although Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends it does have its down falls. For example, Facebook is now using your profile picture in ads. If you have ever “liked” a company or a group your face may be plastered on one of their ads for everyone to see.

  2. I remember when i was like this. Before i did anything i would check facebook and find myself on it for hours at a time. It was times i didn’t get anything done for the day because i came home and logged straight on. Although I’m out of the facebook stage i still check it time to time just to keep in touch with friends that go to different schools or family that i rarely see.

  3. I have been a memeber of facebook for about five years now and the privacy settings and even the format of the website has changed in so many ways. I find myself having to check my privacy settings every 3-6 months to make sure my page is secured the way I want it to be. I think that fb does have positive aspects, but there’s still so much that we don’t know about it. The more we don’t know about something, the more power we give it to use information in any way. And just like in the segment, one of the ladies was saying how it gets annoying to see your friend’s “business” pop up on your newsfeed or for people see all of your posts on their newsfeed. I feel like, to a certain extent, they should’ve just left it where would would have to go to the person’s page to see anything.

  4. I totally with you Abigail. I am your typical 19- year-old, who lives on facebook, I’m not going to lie. I honestly know that I check my facebook more than I check my email, or call home. So sad, but so true! One thing that I do have a grip on is the privacy. I grew up watching Lifetime movies with my mom. And not only are those movies just drama, but they actually teach lessons. I recently watched ” The Craigslist Killer”, and I was appalled. There are so many weirdos out there, and how are we supposed to know that a good looking guy that just friend requested us, is actually a serial killer or rapist? This happens all the time, that is how young teens get kidnapped and so forth. I know that I have been making sure I don’t even say where I work or where I am exactly going, because who knows who is watching. This world is full of sick people, and facebook is like a playground for them.

  5. I still remember when I first heard of Facebook. I was living in Germany and had been using MySpace for such a long time. Some of my friends contacted me to tell me they were tired of MySpace and would be deleting they pages and only using Facebook. I had never even heard of Facebook at the time. I went to Facebook, signed up and was immediately perplexed. I couldn’t stand it. It confused me and I found it awkward, so, that was my very first status. One of my friends, commented “It’s confusing at first, but once you are accustomed to it, it’s very simple and you will become addicted.” I commented back “Very funny. I highly doubt it.” Well, damned if she wasn’t correct. At this point, my life would have to make drastic lifestyle changes without Facebook. I use it for comedy bookings, advertising, information gathering, and of course keeping in touch with old friends. Facebook is essentially my personal assistant, keeping me informed of performances, addresses, telephone numbers…it’s sad really.

  6. I know I check Facebook more often than I should, and now that I think more about it, how much more could I get done rather than checking to see everyone’s latest updates? It’s truly amazing the amount of people Facebook can reach, and those who use it. However, if I knew someone close to me who was stalked or lost their job through this social media, I know I would stop using it. But, the mentality most people have is if it doesn’t happen to us, we don’t have to worry about it.
    When talking about the privacy issue, I believe we hand that over to Facebook the minute we sign up to be a user. We know people are going to be looking at parts of our lives, and we let them do it. It’s up to each individual to be smart about what he or she posts, and realize the decisions each of us make now can affect our lives so much in the future.

  7. I actually found myself also watching “The Facebook Obsession” while trying to fall asleep one night. I got really into the show and was fascinated to see the true story behind Facebook (unlike the Hollywood version of The Social Network.) I also find myself checking my Facebook several times a day. I have it on my cell phone, so in between classes I have a habit of checking it. The funniest part is that I am not exactly interested in anything I am checking on Facebook, it’s just a habit most of us have. Every night before I begin my homework, I again check my Facebook! This is something it seems we have revolved our life around. It has become a way of advertising and rating how many likes a product recieves. I am cautious of the information I make available on my Facebook. I do not put a lot of personal information up. I also keep my page private. I keep everything clean and don’t post pictures/posts I would not want my family or potential employers to see. I believe one of the most important parts of using Facebook is to maintain a professional and safe presence. Facebook can do a lot of good, when used in the proper ways. Facebook also goes to show how much our society revolves around social media.

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